Feedback from Veterinarians

Feedback from Veterinarians

Cynthia Duesberg – DVM, Advanced Veterinary Internal Medicine, Tustin, CA

An overdue THANK YOU.

I just wanted to tell you how much we love your product. My colleagues and I have used the kitty kollars in our own pets and well as dozens of patients. This kollar has made a big difference for pets and clients going through a tough time. I have no doubt that the kitty kollar has saved the lives of many pets. I am happy to see the tips on living with an E tube and will pass this on to my clients as well.

Margie Scherk – DVM, Dip ABVP (feline), Editor, Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery

I am a veterinarian who travels around the world lecturing about feline medicine to veterinarians and vet techs. I teach how to place feeding tubes, not only in lecture but also in labs. I would LOVE to share your kitty kollar with the participants! Could you please send me the video so that I can incorporate it into my powerpoints? (After receipt of kollars)They are BEAUTIFULLY constructed and sewn.

Melinda Hossfield – Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group, Brooklyn, NY

Congratulations!! I heard from Jorgensen this morning and will be getting the Kitty Kollars through them. We have begun using them for all cats immediately after tube placement. It’s not only easier for technicians and owners, but far less stressful for our kitties. All I’ve gotten are rave reviews! Is your website still available for owners to order Kollars on their own? I’m planning on stocking plenty in the hospital, but usually direct them to your site for replacement pads and/or extra Kollars. Again, I’m so happy to hear about your success with this! Good luck with everything!


Jennifer Devey – DVM, Diplomate ACVECC, IVECCS Lab Coordinator

On behalf of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society I would like to thank you for your help in making the labs at this year’s IVECCS such a success. We really appreciate it – obviously we would never be able to hold these labs without the support of industry. Everyone who had the  chance to work with the collars thought they were great so hopefully more and more owners of cats with E tubes will benefit from your invention!

We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Kanda Hazelwood, DVM – Mountain View Animal Hospital, Sandy, Utah

I sure do love the kollars and so do my clients!!! That was an ingenious invention!!!

Jess Owens, DVM-Victoria, Australia

…bandages OUT, Kitty Kollars IN!

Shenandoah Diehl, DVM – Chief of Staff Advanced Critical Care & Internal Medicine, Irvine, CA

“.. thanks for the rad Kollars! We used one on a beautiful 15 year old cat with a long-standing lung tumor for palliative nutrition/hydration, the pink Kollar, she looks absolutely smashing in it!”

Liz – Veterinary Technician, Feline Medicine, Texas A & M Veterinary Teaching Hospital

These are awesome..patients are tending to keep their tubes in with these…. I think that they are going to be a good seller here. I love them and am a little sad that I didn’t think of them…. 😉

Katherine Brown, DVM – Hillside Veterinary Hospital, Cottonwood, UT

Just wanted to let you know that we tried the collar for the first time and are greatly impressed. It works beautifully. Thanks for your contribution to making our life and the lives of our patients and clients easier.

 Hospital Administrator, Denton County Animal ER

Thanks so much for the quick response! FANTASTIC idea and product 🙂