Before You Order

Before You Order

Kitty Kollars come in six sizesKitty Kollars® come in six sizes. The majority of cats will wear either petite or small, while the tiny toy dogs and larger dogs wear extra small and the other sizes. Each kollar has a Velcro tab, making it adjustable, but the better the fit the more comfortable the kollar will be, especially in the smaller sizes. So it is important that you measure your animal’s neck and not guess. Click the image for a larger view that shows the neck size for each kollar.

Chances are your pet will already have some bandages on the neck; you need to try to measure UNDER the bandages, or you can measure just in front (the ear side, not the tail side) of where the bandages start. To measure your pet, wrap a tape measure or string firmly but not tightly around his neck. Kollars are about 1/2″ thick and there is some bulk where the tube inserts. So if your pet is on the “borderline,” (meaning an accurate measurement at the neck level is greater than 1/2″ more than the neck size listed) you should order the larger size. Also note that tubes are standardly placed on the left side of the neck. If your vet has placed your pet’s tube on the right side, contact us for a custom device. Also if your pet’s e-tube is longer than 8-9 inches you may wish to order a Double Velcro Kollar. Another option is to shorten your tube, using our adapters (refer to Syringes page).

For information about the syringes, caps, adapters and other supplies available to purchase, refer to the Syringes page. If you still have questions about ordering a syringe, please contact us.

Note to Veterinarians: You can purchase Kitty Kollars® for placement in surgery and resale at your practice. Please call Jorgensen Laboratories at 1-800-525-5614 or send them an email for pricing and a list of distributors that carry the product.

The table below lists the sizes of Kollars by neck size. (Breed examples are just that; do NOT rely on breed to guess at the size). If you have questions about the sizes, i.e., how to measure your pet properly, please contact us for assistance. (Prices are included on our downloadable order form.)