Protector Pads

Protector Pads

Kitty Kollar® Protector Pads were designed to complement the design of and work perfectly with the Kitty Kollar.

Any bandaging device requires an outer protective layer (the Kitty Kollar) and an inner absorbent layer. While experimenting with various options, I realized that most pads slid or moved too much. So by creating a pad with a center hole that can slide down over the tube, the pad itself helps to stabilize the tube and there is no risk of it moving off the wound during exercise, scratching, etc. The pads need to be absorbent, as the stoma is in essence a continually open wound and as such will seep. For the same reason, the pads need to be somewhat non-stick so they do not adhere to the wound.

Protector pads pack of 24

Showing the 24 pack of Protector Pads as well as the fit over clear tubes and how to cut for pads for large tubes.

The protector pads have a thin covering that helps with reducing adherance; however, the stoma will sometimes produce a large amount of sticky mucousy material that when it hardens, can cause the pads to stick to the tube or the skin. The best way to prevent this is to gently clean the wound and change the pad at least twice per week, more often in the beginning, or on the schedule recommended by your veterinarian. If any pad does stick to the tube or skin, do not panic. Generally, repeatedly pressing cotton with warm water onto the pad will cause the secretions to rehydrate and soften, allowing the pad to be removed.

As you can see in the picture to the right, some tubes have quite large ends and will not easily pass through the hole in the pad. In this case, you can cut one side and wrap around the tube, so the the hole is still snug around the narrow portion.

Picture showing discolored secretions on protector pad

Any discolored secretions can indicate infection.

It is important to look at the pads you remove, as they can give you an idea of the health of the stoma. Any discolored secretions can indicate infection as in the picture below. You can take the pad itself to show your vet if you like.

Other pads are fine as long as they meet the requirements of being absorbent and non-stick. However, the Kitty Kollar pads are very reasonably priced and will save you lots of time in cutting pads, which really helps when you are trying to take care of your pet.

You will receive a sample of six pads with each kollar ordered.