Pet Tents

What are they?

Quasi feeling snug and warm in his faux fur pet tent.

Quasi feeling snug and warm in his faux fur pet tent.

Kitty Kollar® is proud to offer the Kozy Pet Products™ line of pet tents. The tents are hand-made in the US, hand washable and flatten easily for transport.

As you know, cats that are not feeling well want to hide. Sometimes they can be very difficult to find! This is especially frustrating when you need to feed them or give them medication, and it also makes it much harder to monitor their health.

When my own cat, Quasi, was ill, he absolutely loved his faux fur tent. The tent gave him refuge and comfort. I always knew where I could find him – curled up and feeling secure in his tent.

And here is Slammer wearing his Kitty Kollar and relaxing in his pet tent.

And here is Slammer wearing his Kitty Kollar and relaxing in his pet tent.

Choosing a Fabric

The tents come in two choices of fabric; faux fur in assorted leopard prints or poly/cotton with dress-up cats and a bow.


We also offer double-sided velour pads (called Sherpa pads) that fit in the bottom of the tent. (Large pads are 14 inches square, and extra large pads are 16 inches square.) When you use a Sherpa pad inside the tent and place a blanket under the tent, the pad absorbs and reflects body heat, making the tent the coziest spot for your pet!

You may also want to order more than one Sherpa pad, since they are machine-washable and come in handy when there are tummy issues.

What Size Tent for Your Pet?

How to measure your pet for a tent.

How to measure your pet for a tent.

We offer two sizes of pet tents: large and extra-large. The base of the large tent is 14 inches x 14 inches, and the extra-large tent is 16 inches x 16 inches. Cats generally like to be very snug, with their sides just touching the sides of the tent when they are curled up.

To choose the size, draw an imaginary square around your cat when he is in a curled-up position, as shown in the photo (click for larger view).

So if the largest measurement  for your cat is 14 inches or less, the large tent is the best choice for a snug fit. If the largest measurement is 15 inches or more, order the extra large tent.

And what if your cat’s largest measurement  is 17 inches? Chances are that your cat will still be happy to squeeze into a large tent. You know your cat best, though. So if your cat measures over 17 inches or likes a little extra room, even the extra large tent might not work. Please note that you can’t return a pet tent, even if the tent ends up being too cozy for your cat.

What About Kanines?

This little Westie loves his pet tent!

This little Westie loves his pet tent!

The pet tents work GREAT for small to medium dogs. Just be sure to measure your dog the same way we show how to measure a cat (above).

And don’t worry, we won’t make your dog sit in a tent covered with cats. Just let us know you are ordering for a dog, and we will pick out a doggy-friendly fabric for your kanine companion!

Pet Tent Pricing and Ordering

Pricing is based on size and fabric choice. Sales tax is added to orders shipping within California.

Faux fur leopard print:

  • large (14 x 14) is $23.99
  • extra large (16 x 16) is $29.99

Poly/cotton dress-up cat print:

  • large (14 x 14) is $21.99
  • extra large (16 x 16) is $26.99

Sherpa Pads for bottom of tent:

  • large (14 x 14) is $6.99
  • extra large (16 x 16) is $7.99

Click to download the Tent Order Form.

To place an order by phone or to ask questions, you can reach us at 714-639-6039 Monday through Friday, 10 am to 5 pm Pacific Time.

You can also fax your order to 714-639-6644 or email the order to

The physical address for Kitty Kollar/birdStuff is 210 South Tustin Street, Orange CA 92866.

Postage and Shipping

Due to the size of the folded pet tent and the box required to ship it, postage is $12.75 for USPS Priority mail. If you order a second tent with the same shipment, you pay only an additional $5 shipping for the second tent.

No international or overnight shipping of tents.

If you also order Kitty Kollars, syringes or other supplies, those items will be included in the same box at no additional shipping cost.


We cannot allow returns on beds for health reasons, so please measure carefully.