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Whenever we get a note from a customer, we’ll add it to this page. Some of our customers also send us pictures of their pet wearing one of our Kollars. Be sure to check out our Kitty and Kanine gallery pages to see some of those inspiring photos.

Feedback from our Kitty Kollar Customers

No doubt the Kitty Kollar helped Newton and me incredibly in managing his GIF Tube. If he needs the tube again The collar goes back on right away. He has not even destroyed them yet : )) I cannot thank you enough for all your support.

And I do my best to spread the word about your brilliant products. On behalf of Newton a big MIau too. He was so much happier with the collars than with the usual bandage chaos, which is not even an option or a solution.

Thank you very much from both of us.

Kathrin and Newton in Cartagena, Columbia

Two years ago Passat became ill and my vet inserted a feeding tube. She told me about your products and I ordered them. Your products made it much easier to care for Passat. After 10 weeks she began to eat on her own. Just before Christmas this year I realized that Passat was loosing weight again. A trip to the vet confirmed that once again Passat needed a feeding tube. I still had the Kollars, syringe and pads. This time I was able to act quicker. I am so glad I found your products and they make caring for her so easy.

Mary Ann and Passat

The information I read on your site about the cleaning, proper syringes, etc. has really helped to take the fear out of placing an e-tube in Sebastian. You have no idea how much you have put my mind at ease! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 🙂

Justine and Sebastian

Part of what your collar does I think is to replace ugly unwieldy medical
supplies with a cute collar that give the human more of a feeling of
normalcy. Thanks again for this wonderful invention. It’s really changed the quality
of life of both human and cat.

Lisa B.

Thanks for creating a product such as the kitty kollar to help make things easier for all the kitties with an e-tube.

Henna and Natacha from Finland

If not for your Kollars, the information from your site and others that recommend them, I’d not have said yes to the much under appreciated feeding tube. Thanks for the fast shipping. He seems MUCH more comfortable. He’s stopped scratching at his neck. And he looks pretty adorable too.

Kiera with Baby

Thank you so much for the quick shipment – Lola is SO much more comfortable with her new Kollar!

Wendi and Lola

Thanks sooo much! The doctor loved the kitty kollar and appreciates
the time you spent looking for the perfect design for his lovely Willow.
Words can’t express how thankful we all are for Willow getting her own
unique custom Kitty Kollar. As you can see, she sports it well and obviously
very loved by not only her new dad.

Veronica Perez and Willow

Thanks a lot for what you do, even abroad, for pet owners who feel completely lost and scared, like me, when they learn their cat needs to live with a feeding tube.

Isabelle in Portugal

I want to thank you, the Kitty Kollar has made Seabiscuit’s life with an e-tube much better.

Vanessa and Seabiscuit

Feedback from our Kanine Kollar Customers

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Feedback from our Syringe Customers

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