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Whenever we get a note from a customer, we’ll add it to this page. Some of our customers also send us pictures of their pet wearing one of our Kollars. Be sure to check out our Kitty and Kanine gallery pages to see some of those inspiring photos.

Feedback from our Kitty Kollar Customers

I’m so grateful to you for your help with the Kitty Kollar this past week; it made all the difference! Many thanks from Slammer and me! He also loves the pet tent…photo attached.

Sandy with Slammer

I used one of these collars in the past and love them. They are so much more comfortable for the cat, easier for the caregiver, and in the long run money saving for the shelter.

King Street Cats in Alexandria, Virginia

I received two Kitty Kollars on Monday, and I have to tell you my kitty Delia absolutely loves them. With the bandage she was constantly scratching and rubbing her neck, and she is so much more relaxed and comfortable with her new collar. What an amazing and innovative idea!

Kara with Delia

I think he is enjoying the collar much better than the bandages.

Carrie with Tommy

Donna, OH MY GOODNESS! What an amazing product! I just absolutely adore it! My boy Fish is so much more comfortable then with that bandage around his neck! BRAVO! You’ve made an incredible product! I will be spreading the word.

Cassandra and Fish in Canada

Just wanted to send you a thank you for getting the Kitty Kollar here so quickly!!

Jazz doing really well. Up almost a  pound since surgery. Starting to eat and drink on her own again.

Mira and Jazz

Got the package today! Love the collar! Very distinguished!

Lisa with Snoopy

Donna thank you so much for the quick coast to coast processing of my order.  I received it yesterday and love it. It’s a perfect fit for Lucy and the colors are great with her fur.

Ray with Lucy

Just got our mail and received Ellie’s new collar!!!

We love the purple and blue plaid !! It’s perfect.  🙂 Thank you so much.

And please know how truly grateful we are to you for creating a product that is so helpful and makes this situation so much easier to tolerate for both our dog and ourselves! 🙂  You are amazing for doing this!!  Thank you, thank you!!

Melanie and Ross with Ellie

I just wanted to say thank you for what you do!!

My kitty was diagnosed with IBD this week, which is scary in itself, but came after about a week of scary vet visits, surgery, and finally an e-tube. Maggie came home with a Kitty Kollar provided to me by the vet (Mississippi State emergency veterinary services at the vet school). It was easy to use and, while Maggie isn’t exactly happy to be wearing it, I’m happy she has the option. In addition (and unfortunately) your collar helped me to see that her tube was becoming dislodged. Unfortunately it did come out this morning, but having the collar still in place kept her safe.

The tips you provide on your website are also excellent. MSU provided me with the syringes you describe on your website as one-use only and I couldn’t figure out why they were getting harder and harder to push (I thought I didn’t make her food thin enough). Your website helped me figure it out so thank you for the resource! If she ends up getting re-tubed (she’s currently admitted, waiting to see if she might eat on her own) I’ll be ordering some of your syringes.

I don’t really know what’s in store for the two of us going forward, but I’m so appreciative for people like you who make the experience a little easier.

Jessica with Maggie

Feedback from our Kanine Kollar Customers

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Feedback from our Syringe Customers

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