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Whenever we get a note from a customer, we’ll add it to this page. Some of our customers also send us pictures of their pet wearing one of our Kollars. Be sure to check out our Kitty and Kanine gallery pages to see some of those inspiring photos.

Feedback from our Kitty Kollar Customers

We have 3 Kitty Kollars, which are life savers. We wash and rotate thru them. We also finally bought some of the syringes which are AMAZING! After struggling with the ones that the hospital sent us home with, these are just a breeze to use. Thank you !!! and my little furry girl thanks you too!


Smokey loves it!! He doesn’t have to wear the “cone of shame” it keeps the feeding tube out of the way and makes it so much easier during feeding time. We can easily provide his food and water in a much more comfortable way for him. Whatever we can do to make Smokey’s recovery easier I am in favor of. Thank you so much for having created such a wonderful tool!

Linda and Smokey

I received and love the custom collar you made for Seraphina. It fits
perfectly and she’s obviously so much more comfortable wearing it. Because the vet didn’t leave enough of her tube sticking out I can’t use the flap that holds it down but I still love it. It makes keeping her incision so much easier. Not to mention she looks adorable wearing it.

Kristi and Seraphina

They are just adorable – such great patterns. The double strap helps keep the tube in place very well. Having a feeding tube isn’t fun but at least Becky can look cute! And I feel better knowing that everything is secure. I appreciate the fast delivery as well.

Brigid and Becky

I am so glad I found your web site and all of your products.

Linda and Smokey

Thank you so much for our Kitty Kollar for “Little B” and the syringes! They made our lives so much better, so easy to use and we got the bulky bandage off and he’s much more comfortable with the Kollar! And you wouldn’t believe how much that tube cap adapter has helped, I work for a vet and they didn’t have anything like that, we were using a small pipette and taping it in.  The syringes are soo smoooth, it takes a lot less time to feed him and he seems to tolerate the feedings better than he did!

Tacy and Little B

Donna, you are a STAR!!!! First of all for inventing this and it sure sounds perfect. Thank you soooooooooooooooo VERY much!!!

Sunny and Tousle

I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much easier this collar has made in our lives during a difficult time. And most important Tina can be fashionable even when sick 🙂

So thank you, thank you!

Audrey and Tina

Thank you so much! I think this will make a lot of difference to Velvet. Mahalo from Maui!

Ruth and Velvet

The kollars are amazing.

Ben and Ivory

Feedback from our Kanine Kollar Customers

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Feedback from our Syringe Customers

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