What Owners Say

Whenever we get a note from a customer, we’ll add it to this page. Some of our customers also send us pictures of their pet wearing one of our Kollars. Be sure to check out our Kitty and Kanine gallery pages to see some of those inspiring photos.

Feedback from our Kitty Kollar Customers

Received the kollar and it is beautiful and wonderful quality thank you so much!

Lisa and Paddington

This kollar is absolutely wonderful!!! I am so glad one of our Assistants found your website. Hunter is so much more comfortable at feeding time and not having to tolerate his humans trying to be super careful getting to his tube. It’s just so easy now! Thank you so much for making these!

Hunter has improved and thankfully begun to eat on his own so hopefully he won’t have to wear the kitty kollar for to long, but I’m super glad we have your product.

Nani and Hunter

Our collars arrived for Sophie today and just wanted to thank you for getting them out so quickly. Great service and the collars will be well used and appreciated these next 6-8 weeks of recovery for our cat. Thank you again.

Gene and Sophie

I received the overnighted collar today. I wanted to write and thank you. It’s wonderful! It’s so much better than the bandage and gauze that Gatsby got right after the tube last Friday. He seems so much happier.

April and Gatsby

Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Rye at her birthday celebration! Never thought we would be celebrating any birthdays and now 3 years later and she’s doing awesome!!! Can’t thank you enough for all that your company has done to keep her looking pretty and sassy.

Erin and Rye

She (Bouse) passed away last Friday, but I wanted to send them (pictures) to you because we loved your Kitty Kollars and they really helped her quality of life. Thanks for making such a great and well designed product.

Melissa and Bouse

I received the collar and it fits her great, thank you! It is so much nicer than having the bandage on her and she doesnt scratch at her neck anymore! What a wonderful idea, thank you!


I like that Maverick’s tube doesn’t drag through the litter anymore or run the risk of getting caught on anything.

Edna and Maverick

Having an E tube for an already very sick dog was a very scary thing. I didn’t know what to expect and then came out our cute little guy with a very comfortable and fashionable kitty kollar. We ordered another one as his first one got a little dingy and it’s nice to be able to wash one and swap them out. It’s been a tough road for Oscar but as he improves I feel confident with his e tube being covered with his Kitty Kollar. No one even notices when we’re out on our walks that he has an e tube but just comment on his “cute collar”. Thank you for taking the time to design something that really helps our pets in such a difficult time.

Kristen and Oscar

Thank you for thinking of and making the Kitty Kollar. It is literally saving the life of my kitty.


Feedback from our Kanine Kollar Customers

I received my Kollar today. It’s for a 5 month old English Bulldog puppy, Henry. I’m extremely happy with it!


Thank you so much for creating this amazing product. We are in the first few days of feeding our corgi, Ginger, through an e-tube, and naturally, it is pretty overwhelming for my husband and for me. But the Kollar? That has been the best thing about this process.

Shelby and Ginger

I thought you might like to see my lovely dog Annabelle wearing her collar, so I’m sending you a picture. (See photo in our Kanine Kollar gallery.) I can’t thank you enough for providing these kinds of collars.

Karen and Annabelle

Just want you to know that the Kanine Kollar has been wonderful for Chocolate. He is much more comfortable with it than the bandage and hasn’t pulled his tube out. His first tube wasn’t secured well with the bandage, and he caught it on something and it pulled right out. The syringes and protector pads are awesome too. I’ll be ordering another Kollar because Choc’s feeding tube is going to be long term. Thanks for all you do!

Tricia and Chocolate

Donna here are a few shots of prudence with her new collar!!  Thank you so much this is much more comfortable for her and less itchy and I’ve been able
to keep it from getting infected anymore!!

Tiffany and Prudence

Thanks to Kitty Kollar and the wonderful care by Carolina Vet. Specialists, our 9 year old Pumpkin is well on her way to a full recovery.

Cindy Billiot and Pumpkin

Received my collar for Moose my dog!!!! I love it!! He gets the proper renal diet and all meds with no drama. His renal values are normal on the diet which he will never eat. Now he can get his fish oil, glucosamine which has made a huge difference with his arthritis. Our relationship is great again!!!! He goes to work with me at the vet clinic and everyone has commented how much better he is doing as well how stylish he is.

Thanks again for making such a quality, awesome product that is clearly made folks that love animals.

Leni Loyd and Moose

I received the collar — what great quality! Again, I’m so glad I found you — this will be so much nicer than just having the bandage on him!



It (the kollar) arrived today! He is getting a new feeding tube because he has chewed up the end of the current one. The kollar will help very much at keeping the new one out of his reach. Many thanks again.

Leonard with Fozzie

I can’t tell you how we have loved using the Kanine Kollars we ordered for River. I’ve told everyone who has asked about them where to get them, and hope it helps your sales! Unfortunately, River is going to keep his etube for a while longer, and I need to order another XL for him. Please choose a snazzy looking one from him since he’s a handsome Golden Retriever…Again, thanks for creating such a great product.


Feedback from our Syringe Customers

Wanted to let you know that I received the new tubes today and thanks so much for the little note to Boo. She’s a tiny little thing, just 6 pounds before all of this and now working on maintaining 5.  It’s been tough on her but she’s so much better now and happier again. I’m lucky to have a great vet and resources like Kitty Kollar!

Diane and Boo

Received Bella’s Kollar yesterday. Love the pattern – the red roses go great with her dark brindle fur. Your syringes ARE SO much better! Thank you for a WONDERFUL invention.

Lisa with Bella

Our maine coon cat, Sir Galahad, does very well with them (KK). I’m sure we will be ordering again. European syringes also work well. Thank you for these products.

Felicia with Galahad

Thank you! The syringes are so much better than the ones the hospital gives out. I’m going to take them a sample when I take Sam up there this week!

Cathy and Sam

Thanks so much for filling Watson’s order so promptly!  I was very excited to try out my new syringes and they are indeed awesome… It’s so nice to not have to struggle with them like I’ve had to with the crappy ones that become so difficult to work with after a few uses. I just cringed, knowing how terrible the maintenance part could be…Lo and behold she (vet) showed me your Kitty Kollar and I felt that maybe this time it would be a little different…and it certainly has been!! Thank you again for everything!

Shari and Watson

The syringes changed my life. I was so frustrated (with the Monoject syringes and not being to feed adequately) that I had to consider euthanasia. I guess you could say the syringes are literally a life-saver.

Carol with her dog Annie

I received the O-ring syringes today. What a relief! Done in half the time with half the effort.

Mary with Jazzie

Those syringes are the greatest. They make my life so much easier.

Meredith with Goldie

Those syringes that I ordered from you are life savers. They are much easier than the Kendall Monoject ones I got from the vet. Is is possible to order about 10 more of them?

Cheryl with Nikki in Florida