Kanine Kollar Gallery

We love getting pictures of Kanines wearing our Kollars. Just move your mouse over an image to see the dog’s name and details. Click on an image for a larger view.

Henry showing off his plaid Kanine Kollar to his buddyOscar is ready for his closeup in his plaid Kanine KollarGinger keeping warm on a wintry day in her plaid Kanine KollarAnnabelle relaxing in her plaid Kanine KollarChocolate with his blue print Kanine KollarGoliath the Mastiff wearing an XXL Kanine KollarPrudence the greyhound in her plaid Kanine KollarMoose Loyd showing off his Kanine KollarHandsome fella in Kanine Kollar with bonesSnowie stylin with a Kanine KollarRiver Pringle with Dog-n-Cat Kanine KollarRuby chillin in Tennessee in her Kanine KollarPenelope Rudich in ladybug Kanine Kollar for the ladyOdie in Kentucky grateful for his e-tube and Kanine KollarGidgett wears a Kanine Kollar that complements her halterFeeding with a Kanine KollarPanda in NC looks for mischief in Kanine KollarPhoebe from NYC in Kanine Kollar